Friday, October 14, 2011

Don’t wait, manufacture yourself!

Don’t wait, manufacture yourself!
Anila Backer A P
Are you in need of inland letter cards in large scale? Why wait? Make it yourself!
            As the postal department has reduced the production of inland letter cards, the private agencies started to produce it. There is a provision for private manufacturing of inland letter cards which insists specific dimensions and lighter shades and they can be sent by post if suitably folded and closed on all sides by gumming and affixing a stamp of Rs. 2.50. The inland letter card is sold at Rs.2.50, but its production cost is Rs. 7, a loss to the India Post. The heavy loss has led to the India Post and that led to its decreased production and now they are getting away from service sector for their survival. This private manufacturing has  proved beneficial to the department not only in reducing the loss but also compensating it by promoting the selling of stamps.

            The financial organizations like the Kerala State Financial Enterprises Limited and the cooperative banks rely on private cards as they need them in bulk and have started producing them. Even though there are alternative mailing techniques, these financial organizations rely mainly on inland cards as it is the cheapest one. It costs less than Rs. 5 including the production expenditure and they require thousands of them per month to send intimation letters to the subscribers. The employees at the KSFE opine that the cards manufactured by them made their jobs relatively easier. Content to be sent is printed at the time of manufacturing  whereas that of India Post requires it to  be printed later. The KSFE and the Cooperative banks being computerized, they produce it from their own printers which reduce the production charge also.

            It seems that within a short period, all the traditional postal services will be history and even the concept of post office may differ as the world as a whole is getting computerized and commercialized nowadays.

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