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Suveeran predicts the dooms-day for dramas

Suveeran predicts
the dooms-day for dramas

The space for drama and dramatists is gradually diminishing in Kerala, observed K P Suveeran, the director of ‘Byari’ the winner of National award for the best film. “In the past plays used to be a major source of inspiration for the common man.Nowadays it is the foreigners who are more interested in our theatres”,said Suveeran while inaugurating the Departments Union Arts Club at Golden Jubilee Hall, Karyavattom campus.

 “Some prominent dramatists of yester years identified themselves with ordinary people and used to wander through the streets and sleep in the muddy streets. But their creations were unique and they considered theatre their vocation.Although they were treated as failures were  in real life they were the ones who created good plays  which defined the art of life. Their traumatic life paved way for their success in the world of drama pointed out the acclaimed film  director who entered  the world of art through theatres. “Critics also are more interested in films than in plays. this neglect of drama by the critics is also hastening the death of theatre in Kerala added Suveeran.

K. P. Suveeran
 Suveeran’s  debut feature film ‘Byari,' pulled off a surprise when it bagged the National Award for the Best Film of 2011. “Byari” is about an ethnic society trapped in its traditions and distinct cultural identity. This is the first film made in 'Byari' language, spoken a community in the coastal areas  of  Kasargod in Northern Kerala and Dakshina Kannada district in Karnataka. Because of financial constraints, Suveeran shot the film in 16mm format.

 Talking about his transition from a drama artiste to a  filmdirector, Suveeran said cinema was a natural progression from theatre. “I still love to do theatre; a drama is good only as long as it is performed, while a good film would live forever.” He was happy that though he used some dramatic elements in ‘Byari’, they were accepted as part of the narrative style. “I decided to make films as filmswould remain long after you are gone”, said Suveeran.

 "I have been planning to work on a Malayalam film project for quite some time, but Byari happened all of a sudden. Now that the film has won a national award, it would be easy for me to complete the two Malayalam film projects I have,'' Suveeran said.

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