Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Eggs have arrived

Easter Eggs have arrived

Yet another time of celebration have arrived for Christians. Easter, the day to remember the resurrection of Jesus is one among the holy days for followers of Christ. Easter is celebrated on Sunday and marks the end of the lent season. Easter represents the victory over dead and sinners, commemorating it as a joyous occasion.

Easter eggs represent a main part of the celebrations in Western countries . Nowadays it is popular in India as well. In Trivandrum, popular bakeries experienced a huge demand for these Easter eggs. An egg symbolizes life and when it hatches, it brings forth new life. The Easter egg stands for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Both dark chocolate and milk chocolate eggs are available. Pastries and plum cakes were also among the favorites during this season.

The midnight mass at Church  symbolizes a sign of togetherness where the candles are lit and all pray together. The best part of Easter  is the opportunity it provides for the members of the family scattered to come together and participate the grand feast. It is an occasion worth treasuring especially in today’s highly pressurized work environment. In the present days hectic lifestyle in which the time spent at home is less as compared to time spent at work,Easter gives the family some cherishable moments.

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