Friday, April 13, 2012

It’s time for Vishubusters

It’s time for Vishubusters

The month of April is considered to be the  time most suited for release of films in Kerala as it is vacation time for the kids and large number of families go to theaters to watch films. Populary known  as ‘Vishu season’, in filmy parlance, most producers the directors try to cash in on the holiday mood of the film buffs.

This year, there are many films which are gearing up for release in this season and the most prominent ones are ‘Cobra’, directed by Lal with  Mammotty in the lead role, ‘Mayamohini’ by Jose Thomas, M Padmakumar’s ‘Thiruvambady Thampan’ and ‘Aashiq Abu’s22 Female Kottayam’,   Grandmaster,  UTV’s only production in Malayalam , directed by B Unnikrishnan featuring  Mohanlal in the main role, ‘Hero’ directed by Dipan, Mallu Singh by Vyshakh, ‘Ustad Hotel’ by Anwar Rasheed and quite  number of  other  films are  to hit the screens within the next few weeks. The dates of release of some of the films would be decided depending on the acceptance of the ones that are already released. The IPL season beginning on 4th April has come up as a big challenge for most filmmakers as they are not sure about the effect it will have on the collections.Noone can predict which of the films are going to make the most of this season. and to know the As the tension mounts let us keep our fingers crossed.

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