Friday, December 9, 2011

10 films you dare not miss

10 films you dare not miss
Excerpts from the interview with  Bina Paul
 Compiled by SHILPA S R

1. ‘Even the rain’, directed by Isier Bollaire is a Spanish movie that deals with the story of a Mexican film maker Sebastian & his friends who goes to Bolivia to take a low cost movie about Christopher Columbus who travelled around to find a new world.

2. ‘The blossoming of Maximo Oliveros’ directed by Auraeus Solito is a movie from Philippines. It is a story about losing innocence.

3. ‘Honey’, a Turkish movie directed by Semih Kalpanoglu is a movie in which the nature speaks most of the time instead of the characters.

4. ‘Elena’, a Russian movie directed by Swaginth Sev.

5. ‘Pick Pocket’, directed by Robert Bresson, is a French movie which tells the story of the complicated relationship between a thief named Michael and his mother.

6. ‘To half time in a hell’, deals with the story of a football match conducted to celebrate the birthday of Hitler. It is directed by Solten Febre.

7. ‘The minister’, is a French movie by Piyari Sheller.

8. ‘Kaidan Horror classics’, consists of four movies, ‘The arm’, ‘The days after’, ‘The nose’ & ‘The whistler’.

9. ‘Boy’ a Japanese movie by Nageesa Oshima.

10. ‘Tehran Tehran’  is an Iranian movie, which is a combination of two short films, days of acquaintance  and the last string directed by Dariyush Mehrjuyi and Mehad Karampur respectively.

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