Friday, December 9, 2011

Passion for films bring them together

Passion for films bring them together
Priyanka E Nair

        The Film Festivals always make the students come together with one common interest –the passion for films. The large chunk of these student delegates at IFFK is media students who aspire to be a part of film fraternity. They take this as a golden opportunity to rub shoulders with the technicians in the film industry they adore.

  Savithri, a student of third semester, Mass Communication & Journalism said  “It is the first time I am attending the IFFK, the rare collection of films in the Indian Cinema now section. Another film I am longing to see is Mani Kaul’s- ‘Uski Roti’ (Our Daily Bread)”. Some students are unable to attend due to the clash of dates of IFFK 2011 and other engagements. Bhagath Bala, a BVMC student at Mar Ivanios college is disappointed as he could not participate in this year’s festival, as he is right now doing internship. “I could not participate in this IFFK. I have taken part in last two IFFKs. I perceive it as a platform for exploring world cinema.”

  Sajitha, a Calicut University student says “It is an opportunity of a lifetime to get to see films from various parts of the world. Because of our examination schedule, I cannot attend it. I am very sad to miss this opportunity.” Students from many colleges under the University of Calicut are also taking part in the IFFK 2011.

  “This is my first IFFK. I am too excited to get an exposure to the world of cinema as I am a film lover”, says Vishnu, a B-tech student.

  A first year student of MCJ, Nimisha said “It is a rare opportunity to see various films from around the world like Arab cinema, Philipine cinema. Also we  get a chance to meet the Directors of these movies, a great chance indeed.”

  It is the student community which makes the film festival dynamic and active. But due to hectic academic activities like exams and assignments  in December, large chunks of student community are not in a position to attend the festival. It’s   high time that the academic community of the state rescheduled their calendars to let their students take part in the biggest meaningful festival of the season.

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