Thursday, December 8, 2011

World in 24 frames

World in 24 frames
Jobin K J
Sruthy Gopal
 It has always amused us, puzzled us, challenged our perceptions, sometimes left us alone in the ambiguous world of uncertainties.  World cinema is at an edge where it erases realities of a raw material and enters into a world of virtual reality with no bounds.

      16th IFFK is a window through which we can peep into the new face of world cinema.The world cinema section will feature masterpieces of talents like Wim Wenders, Aleksander Sokurov,  Andrei Zvyagintsev, Masahiro Kobayashi, Barbara Sass, Julia Murat, Catherine Brellat.

  Wim Winder’s ‘Pina’ portrays the story of a theatre artist, Pina Bauschthe. A tribute paid to the artist who died before the release of her first film is expected to be a visual treat.

  ‘Faust,’ directed by Aleksander Sokurov is loosely based on Thomas Mann’s Faust. This film bagged golden lion prize in Vennis festival. ‘Midnight in Paris’ is a story in pursuit of success. It is directed by Woody Allen, the famous American actor cum director.

  Russian director Andrei Zvyagintsev describes the complexities of family relations in his film, ‘Elena’ which, like his other films, will disturb audient’s perceptions.

  The film ‘Break Fast, Lunch, Dinner’, as the name indicates is a different venture. The film is  directed by three lady directors and shot in three different countries.
  Famous Japanese director Masahiro Kobayashi’s Haru’s journey will also be a visual experience. Another Japanese film Hanezu, directed by Naosu Kawase was featured in the competition section of Cannes film festival this year. The film interprets the existence of past and present. It also addresses the relation between nature and human.

  Barbara Sass’s In the Name of the Devil tells the internal conflicts of 21 years old Anna. Barbara Sass has got a solid experience of working with famous Polish director Andre Wajda.

  The sleeping beauty is the latest film by Catherine Breillat, controversial director in French cinema, who has questioned the gender conflicts and male domination through her films.

  Brazilian director Julia Murat narrates the intrusions of modernisation into rural village life, in the film ‘Stories That Exists Only When Remembered’.

  ‘Good Bye’ directed by Mohammed Rasoulof who is imprissoned in Iran demands a serious reviewing as it was made from within a limited freedom.

  Nasiruddin Yousuff, director from Bangladesh, narrates the Bangladesh freedom struggle in his film ‘Guerrilla’.

  The German film, ‘If not us who?’, directed by Andres Veiel tells internal conflicts of people haunted by their Nazy past.

  ‘Black Butterflies’, directed by Paula van der Oest, is based on the life history of South African poet Ingrid Junk.

  ‘A Separation’ is directed by Asghar Farhadi who has got Golden Bearprize in Berlin festival. ‘Almayors Folly’ is the film representation of a novel by Joseph Conrad. The film tells the story of a Dutch going to Malaysia in pursuit of fortune. The film is directed by the French director Chantal Akerman.

  ‘Cairo 768’ is based on three real incidents. The film directed by Mohammed Diab tells stories of Egyptian women exposed to suppression and sexual exploitation.

  ‘Come as You Are’, directed by Geoffrey Enthoven tells the story of three paralyzed young men going to Spain to fulfill their sensualities.

  Michael Winterbottom’s ‘Thrishna’ is a film based on Thomas Hardy’s famous work, ‘Tess of the Durber Ville’.  The film is set on contemporary Rajastani back ground.

  ‘Urumi’ directed by Santhosh Sivan will also feature in the world cinema section.

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