Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Switch off your mobile phones, please!

Switch off your mobile phones, please!

“Kindly switch off your mobile phones or keep them in silent mode”, reads out the C-DIT student Sidhart as part of his preparation for comparing the festival. This mandatory statement is heard by delegates before the screening of every film.

Grooming session for anchors
  Fifty greatly talented and dynamic souls are pepping up themselves with the curtains set to go up on December 9th for the 16th IFFK. The anchors have to introduce the director and their films besides making mandatory announcements without offending the delegates.  The vibrant team was selected at the end of a four day workshop conducted by artists Parvathy, Annapoorna and Jyotish.
  Over the years the number of aspirants to the anchoring team has been on the increase and so the juries have had a tough time selecting the Masters of Ceremony.

  The workshop included a series of training sessions that helped the students in developing their soft skills. Various breathing and voice modulation exercises equipped the team to improve their presentation skills .Ice breaking and other interactive games drew them out of their discomfort zones.
  “It is a privilege to be part of such a grand function and we are eagerly looking forward to give our best’, says Akhila from Mar Ivanious College .Raiza from all saints’ college said “We are here to explore our potential and this is a great learning experience”.

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