Friday, December 9, 2011

Phillipino package comes with distinctive themes

Phillipino package comes with distinctive themes
Meera Jasmine S

The seven films in the Philippine cinema package give us a direct insight into the lives of people who were struggling under the Spanish colonialism and the American military rule. These movies will be a novel experience to the film buffs here.

  ‘Century of Birthing’ by Lav Diaz shows the story of a priest and a film director. The filmmaker is unsatisfied with his profession. Producer, Screen-writer and Director Pepe Diokno is at the fest with “Clash” which depicts the horror of despotic rulers and sketches the present social circumstances of Philippines. The movie depicts the brutality of the death squads allegedly sponsored by the local governments in Philippines.

  Brillante Mendoza’s film ‘Kinatay’ portrays the story of a student of Police Academy who gets involved in a murderous gang. The movie is a caricature, mesmerizing the current generation’s craving to get rich rich quickly.

  ‘The Bet Collector’ by the new-wave Filipino filmmaker Jeffrey Jeturian, presents  an aging bet collector (Amy) who finds her mundane existence transformed by an unforeseen series of events. The film has already been screened in 16 international film festivals.

  The film ‘Fable of Fish’ directed by, Adolfo Borinaga Alix Jr examines belief, specifically the curious conflation of folk tales, urban myths and Christianity that are unique to the Philippines.

  ‘Independencia’ by Raya Martin is a period film which depicts travails and miseries of a mother and son leading a hostile life.  Auraeus Solito’s movie ‘The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros’ sketches the life homosexuals.

  All these seven movies in the Philippine cinema section symbolize the real and true happenings in this island nation with distinctively wonderful themes.

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