Saturday, November 26, 2011

Adding spice to science

Adding spice to science
Arun V Gopal

  Be it vegetarians, non-vegetarians, Keralites, north Indians or foreigners- everyone was having a great time, just as they had in the science sessions, at the food court here. Food is served according to one’s taste. The smile on the faces of people coming out of the food court is a clear indication of satisfaction. There was one man behind the curtains, taking a sigh of relief.
  The food court, serving more than a thousand people three times a day is fed by none other than Pazhayidam Mohanan Namboodiri, the famous cookery expert who has an enormous experience of seven years at Kerala Youth Festivals, the largest cultural event in the world.
The day at the food court starts with the breakfast at 8’o clock. The menu includes bread, jam, omelette, idli, vada, puri and cornflakes. One could surely find his favourite. Likewise at noon, there are three varieties of rice, chapattis and 15 curry items. The dinner at 8’o clock also has many items to choose from, for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.
  Everything happens in the perfect order. Behind the curtains is a 35 member team of Mr.Namboodiri. Of them 15 are expert cooks and 20 servers. The volunteers at the place are also doing a great job. They are all students of Kariavattom campus.
  What is there to taste today? Don’t guess. Get a coupon.

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