Saturday, November 26, 2011

“Universities are different, allow them to be so”- Prof. Suresh Chandra

“Universities are different, allow them to be so”:
Prof. Suresh Chandra
Nithin Raj
Neha C N

  “Universities are different so allow them to be so”, said Prof. Suresh Chandra. He was talking on “Role of University Science and Technology Education/Research in capacity building for construction and utilization of Biodiversity” held at University of Kerala, Kariavattom.
  Prof. Suresh said that the universities are the centers of knowledge diversity including, science and technology and humanities and its primary task is capacity building in youth.
  On the occasion Prof. S.K.Apte talked on ‘Impact Assessment on Aquatic Ecological Ecosystems in the vicinity of operating Muscular power plant’. He pointed out that the thermal discharge from nuclear plants mix with sea water.
Prof. S.K.Seth talked on “Capacity Building in relation to biodiversity, conservation, and utilization using science and technology”.
  He pointed out that the development of methods to multiply, breed and on serve the threatened and endangered species through modern technique of tissue culture and bio technology, are essential for conservation of Biodiversity.

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