Saturday, November 26, 2011

“I like to do actions without attachments”

“I like to do actions without attachments”
Renowned agricultural scientist M.S. Swaminathan hails from Mankombu village in Kerala where people from all caste and creeds belonging to both rich and poor strata of society stand united in preserving the fragile ecosystem. ‘Though the past glory of nature has been lost forever the greenery in my village still remains. My early life is something which really remains in me as such’, says the father of our green revolution.
Excerpts from a conversation with Swaminathan.

Gokul P & Shilpa S R

Transitions in Kerala

It is sad to see that people give much importance to dowry, gold and alcohol. I think Kerala again has to regain the glory of yester years in sectors like public health and education to lead more productive life. This is very important for the future of Kerala.

Changes in Biodiversity

There were lots of medicinal plants here. Even new species of rice from Malampuzha were there. There was a proposal to destroy silent valley forest for an electricity project. This was during Indira Gandhi’s time. And I have made suggestions to cease this project and maintain silent valley as a biosphere, which was accepted by the government. Wayanad is also a rich example of biodiversity with coffee, tea and other plantation crops. The government has set up a biodiversity board and I hope this would make the practice of protecting biodiversity even at the panchayath level. I believe population pressure is the major threat to the proper maintenance of biodiversity. More land is being consumed for developmental purposes.

Scientist’s spiritualism

Like everyone, I also follow my own principles of spiritualism. In childhood days I used to read Vivekanada and one of the passages from his book says that life is short. One day you are a hero and the other day a zero. When we live, live for others. Naturally in life everything should be balanced. You can be a rajayogi but I like to be a karmayogi. I like to do actions without attachments. Ego is the greatest enemy of spiritual and professional growth. One who believes that he knows everything will never grow more.

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