Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thattu Dosa in Ananthapuri

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Thattu Dosa in Ananthapuri

Sithara Issac

From falafel to hot dogs, golgappas to vada pav and the thattu dosas--these are the street foods of Kerala.…….Incredible! They are the only food you look for when you are hungry and when your wallets are nearly empty.

            Trivandrum is a place where people enjoy the street foods very much. Moving to the city from a village in Palakkad, I have experienced the busy night life of the city where everyone feels hungry towards 7 at night and wants to fill their tummy.  Thattu dosa is a great option for any hungry chap.

            The dosas you get in thattu kada are different from the usual south Indian dosa. It is thick, smaller and fluffier than a regular dosa. Accompanied with  coconut chutney and sambar , they are perfectly balanced. The good thing is that you get a dosa for only Rs 2! So 4 dosas would cost you 10 rupees and that’s it. And still you have an option at the thattu kadas by ordering an omelette sprinkled with onions and green chillies to get the perfect nutrition.
            When most street foods are oil fried and unhealthy, thattu dosas attract health watchers for its nearly zero oil content. They are instantly made in front of you, not like the reheated star hotel dosa.
            When thattu kadas in north Kerala sell parotas, beef and many other Kerala cuisines, dosas are the most popular item in Trivandrum.

            The street corners of Ananthapuri beckon the food hungry to relish thattu dosa and various other foodies.

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