Friday, November 25, 2011

Heading on ‘the biodiversity way’

Heading on ‘the biodiversity way’
Shilpa S R
  The theme of presentation of the first session of national symposium on sustainable management of biodiversity was its  national and global perspectives. The session was chaired by Dr. Manju Sharma.
  Prof. J. S. Singh of Banaras Hindu University did a presentation on the topic “biodivesity an over view”. There are many questions that are related to this topic than answers.  The components and key elements of bio diversity, global diversity, diversification through time, decline of global terrestrial species population etc were briefly explained by Professor J.S. Singh. His lecture threw light on biodiversity in Indian scenario. He formulated the human impact on biodiversity as I = PxAxT ( I= human impact, P= population growth, A= affluence, T= technology).
  Prof. H. Y. Mohan Ram in his paper on “commemoration of committed endeavours”, highlighted the views expressed by John Muir, Nicholi Ivanovich Vavilov, Salim Ali, A. Abraham,K. S. Mani Lal & Edward James on the conservation of bio diversity. At the end of his talk he appreciated Mrs. Manju Sharma for selecting this appropriate venue.
  On behalf of Dr K.V. Sankaran, Dr. T.V. Saji did the presentation on the topic “Impact of invasive alien species on biodiversity”. He interpreted alien species as the species non native to a specific  ecosystem which will cause economic and ecological harm. At the end of each presentation Dr. Manju Sharma expressed her gratitude by presenting memento to the speakers.

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